Buying a Camera Drone in Shenzhen

China is already home to prominent Shenzhen-based consumer drone maker DJI,
When you are looking for a reasonably priced drone with high camera resolution, you’ll have to be happy with an 8-megapixel camera resolution. 8 megapixels is fine, but it’s not relevant by today’s standards. This price also includes an operating application, but unfortunately, it is not really equipped with a fresh interface. At 60 euro you can’t expect the whole package and you won’t get it either. The drone doesn’t feel stable when flying and the overall experience has cheap written all over it.

Take the hand-sized “Fly from” quadrocopters from Apex is Incredibly light and equipped with a camera and a 2GB memory card, they can fly up to 50 meters away from their operator, be controlled by a mobile phone and take about 10 minutes of video.
DJI is by far the leading quadcopter manufacturer in the world. As drones are becoming less of a flying camera and hobby and more to provide commercial and industrial services.

in Shenzhen, you will most popular Quadcopter and Drone manufactures of both Hobby and Professional RC Drones, along with a link to some of the Best Drones you can buy.
Today’s consumer drone can film spectacular images. in the future drones will monitor crop growth, deliver medicines, and film disaster zones in real time.

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