Dorado.Tech ICO Presents An On-Demand Blockchain Based Delivery Services

The next-generation on-demand delivery decentralized company Dorado
Dorado ICO
Dorado from Switzerland is a delivery service with robots and drones. Using artificial intelligence, all types of deliveries will be made by anyone. This essentially makes Dorado the new UBER for token. With quarterly dividend payments for Dorado token holders, this token should be taken into account by every serious ICO portfolio.
Dorado enables customers to order items from any store or restaurant and have them delivered in 15 minutes or less.
Dorado offers quarterly commissions bonus payments within the ecosystem of 7% net sales to all Dorado token owners.
Dorado strives to be better than Uber” for all last mile” deliveries.

ICO Token Sale: 07.02.2018 to 16.05.2018
ICO Category: Drones, Robots, and Artificial Intelligence
Dorado Coin (DOR)
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