ivms-4200 Surveillance management application

 ivms-4200 Surveillance management application

IVMS 4200 NVR remote Client is  a video management software using a distributed framework to provide central management to all the connectable surveillance products. It controls NVR, DVR, IP cameras, PC centered compression cards and I/O devices. With different management and configuration modules and a reasonable collocation, IVMS-4200 video management application provides multiple solutions for different surveillance scenarios intended for medium or smaller scale system. This is a constant and dependable program with advance features like real-time monitoring, video recording and searching, file back-up, etc.

The IVMS-4200 is a flexible and powerful video surveillance management application from Hikvision SECURITY CAMERA utilized for Network video recorders, NVRs, Network cameras, encoder / decoders, protection controllers,. Access control with many exclusive features like, current video streaming, current video, video saving, archiving, smart search and review…

The main function of the iVMS 4200 CMS  Client is|  to manage multiple network devices remotely. 
iVMS-4200 client software is widely applied as a surveillance solution in retail commerce, public security, military, telecommunications, transport, education and other sectors