Nxt Coin

Nxt is viewed as a 2nd generation cryptocurrency. With all the altcoins that alter parameters such as hashing mechanism, the interval between block generation, starting difficulty level, and so on, Nxt delivers much more to the table and was designed this form for a number of reasons. This proof of stake model makes it less sensitive to 51% attacks whilst it is designed to sustain big transaction volumes, something which the old Bitcoin and its clones have as a possible flaw. Nxt enables the creation and exchange of custom tokens, altcoins and digital assets on the Blockchain.

In 2016, the NXT team declared the launch of Ardor, the Nxt V 2.0. The platform will enable users equivalent features as Nxt and additional instruments like sidechain support for asset issuance and extra. The distribution of the ARDR token performed by a snapshot process, which is the cause of the price spike during late 2016

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