The Doogee V

The Doogee V could now be seen live on the MWC 2018 in Barcelona – at least the prototypes.
The fingerprint sensor, which hides under the display, we have already introduced you. At the end of the post, you will find the latest news. In journalism called Link-Bait (of English. Bait = bait) nowadays widespread bad habit spread to far-fetched news Sensation character on the Internet. The goal behind the more or less invented stories is to draw links to your homepage because you are the first “source” of the phenomenal news. While Link-Bait was introduced primarily by Anglo-American marketing, more and more Chinese manufacturers are trying out something that, by analogy, is most likely to be called bait products could designate. These are products that would be an innovation, but in reality, will never see the light of day or after the show with the first announcements have as much to do as McDonalds Burger on the plate with the billboard. The team of and insiders of the scene know these products well. The Cubot S9 or the Umidigi Crystal was such smartphones. Umidigi feels every month a new sensational smartphone (currently the Umidigi S2 Lite). Now, the long-established manufacturer Doogee has not lumped and announced the Doogee V. The Doogee V is a hybrid of the Samsung Galaxy S9 (or what is currently suspected of this smartphone) and the iPhone X. The Galaxy S9 was probably the built-in fingerprint sensor below the display.
The iPhone X took over the full-screen Super AMOLED display with cut-out at the top. So far so good. A smartphone that combines the two features of the two top sellers, sounds already interesting. Doogee is not satisfied but also advertises the Doogee V with a flexible display. The first “leaks” of the manufacturer have already been published in a Youtube video, in which the flexible display is presented: What about the rumors? Who has read the article so far, may already have noticed that we consider it very unlikely that the Doogee V will appear. Or at least not much to do with the announcements. Here are the three biggest reasons why this is a bad marketing joke:
1. Doogee does not have the resources Doogee, as a small Chinese manufacturer, probably does not even have 1% of Samsung, Huawei’s or Apple’s financial capacity. It is therefore extremely unlikely that the manufacturer himself can develop new techniques such as a foldable display. In practice, the classic Chinese phones are made up of components that are open to the smartphone market. Simply put: You take CPU X, Display Y, Camera Sensor Z and any size of memory modules, pack it into a nice case and install Android on the hardware. There is nothing wrong with this practice because, in the end, it gives the customer very inexpensive alternatives to the big players. But on the other hand, it has to be made clear that the innovations come from the big manufacturers. Xiaomi introduced the Mi Mi Mix, the first Tri-Bezel-less smartphone. Samsung built the first cell phones with the sideways curved display, ZTE built the first foldable mobile phone and Apple, we owe innovations such as the dual camera and the non-existing headphone jack ;-). That Doogee joins this league with the first flexible display is simply part of the impossibility. The leaky video might show a pliable display, but that does not mean that it was developed by Doogee or that the manufacturer has any idea how to combine such a panel with inflexible hardware and chassis. The same applies to the fingerprint sensor below the display. This will appear in the near future. However, this renewal will also be introduced by big ones. Probably VivoIntroduce the first smartphone with this technology. And Vivo is after Samsung, Huawei, and Apple the fourth largest smartphone manufacturer in the world.
2. Doogee cannot be the first Should it ever be so far that the first cell phones with a flexible display or fingerprint sensor appear below the display, Doogee will only get their hands on the corresponding hardware, if the other manufacturers do. It then awaits us a flood of Chinese bending phones. But the revolution will already have preceded this step, and Doogee, like everyone else, will simply jump on the bandwagon.
3. It fails in the implementation Doogee does not just lack the money to develop these new innovations. In practice, the resources of the small Chinese manufacturers are not even sufficient for software implementation. This we have seen in the whole army of dual-camera smartphones, in which the second camera simply did not perform any function. If the smartphone has a recess in the display, this will be catastrophically implemented by software. Quite apart from the fact that the display on the manufacturer’s leak video has no bulge in the upper screen area, as we know from the iPhone X, the manufacturer will encounter significant problems in the implementation of this gap. Unlike Apple, Doogee does not construct his smartphone A to Z itself, but, as already mentioned, uses what is already there. Android systems with a recess in the display are not yet available. In this respect, no app will be adapted to the new layout and the system also not. If anything, then we expect a cautious presentation of content, which will be partially even inoperable, if important control elements are housed in the upper part of the screen.

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